Monday, June 25, 2012

Justin was a mess again - he wasn't sure what he ate/drank, probably the "Not Orange" juice the day before. He laid in bed for awhile, then we went to breakfast. He wasn't any better at breakfast, so he told Crystal to leave him for a few hours to have some fun. On the way back to the room, he got some Strawberry sorbet and a box of pringles. Justin went back to sleep while Crystal went out.

Crystal walked into town (Nusa Dua), looked at some shops. No one was really out, so the vendors were trying hard to get people to come in and look at stuff. Most of the stuff for sale was clothing, wood carvings, and spa treatments. Crystal went into one of the restaurants to get some chili prawns for lunch. Back at the hotel, Justin was up again, but we went separate ways again, this time because Crystal had a massage appointment. Before separating, we both got some ice cream/sorbet, with Justin getting raspberry and Crystal getting rum raisin (and a glass of torrontes wine). While Crystal was getting a relaxing full-body massage, Justin walked up and down the ocean walk connecting all of the hotels and shops in the area.

Bali (at least Nusa Dua) reminded us quite a bit of the Hawaiian resort areas, like Wailea, Kaanapali, or Poipu. In fact, besides the different currency, you could take someone out of those resorts and drop them into Nusa Dua and they probably wouldn't know the difference. After walking around for a bit, Justin realized we picked a good location in Nusa Dua, because once the coastline changed direction, the wind was much more fierce and the ocean was not at all calm or serene. Justin also found a grocery store, where he got some Gatorade.


Around six, we headed out for half-price drinks at Kul-Kul, the bar at our hotel. We got one drink, then went next door for dinner. Justin was craving a bacon cheeseburger, and they had one at the ocean bar and grill (Sateria) at the hotel next door. They were having a buffet, and it had an absoulte ton of food, and they were really trying to push that, but we both ordered off of the a la carte menu. Justin got his bacon cheeseburger, Crystal got garlic chili prawns, which turned out how she had hoped her lunch was going to be. After dinner, we were both sleepy, so we just came back to the room and tried to nod off before it got too late.