Named after: Justin had a neighbor when he was growing up that had a Great Dane. It was huge and all the kids were scared of it. His name was Toby.

When we got him: May 11, 2001

Birthdate (approximate): May 5, 1999

Passed away: October 15, 2008

Weight: 120-130 lbs.

Quirks: Can't walk backwards, has a shaky rear left leg, will literally push you around the room, drags his dog bed(s) wherever he wants to, then stacks them to make a super bed, tail is at the perfect height to whack men in the midsection

Other Info: We made sure to get a gastroplexy for him right after we got him. With our hours if he got bloat while we were at work he'd be in big trouble. He follows us wherever we go, all day long, and is often right in our face. Extremely intelligent, but also extremely stubborn - not a good thing when he's that big. Likes the water, but won't swim, and won't go in over his head.