Named after: Death Row Records CEO Marion "Suge" Knight

When we got her: June 9, 2001

Birthdate (approximate): March 17, 2001

Passed awy: August 14, 2013

Nicknames: Suge Nice, Sugey, Suggles, Baby Girl

Weight: 75-80 lbs.

Quirks: Can't turn left, loves her ball more than anything, hates the water, but will swim in the ocean to retrieve her ball, her left ear doesn't stand up straight

Other Info: Probably our most intelligent dog. She was poddy-trained in about 15 minutes - she saw Meth and Debo go out the dog door and she followed - she's never in her life peed in the house. One time when Debo had her ball she barked at the door (as if someone were there) - when Debo got up to see what going on, she then ran over, got the ball, and took off. Another time, when she wouldn't bring her ball back while playing outside, I got a second ball and threw it, in the hope she'd drop the first - no such luck. When she realized that she couldn't pick up the second ball with the first in her mouth, she hovered over the ball for about 15 seconds (with her brothers and sister bearing down), then took a step forwards and peed all over the second ball. She barks at night until Crystal lets her up on the bed. She's highly destructive with toys and balls - only Kong balls for her now. Hates birds.