Named after: The character "Debo" from the Friday movies

When we got him: January 15, 2001

Birthdate: November 8, 2000

Nicknames: Debo Nemo, Chunky Butt, Chunky, Superchunk, Little Guy

Weight: 45-50 lbs. This makes him one of the largest in the world, so far as we can tell.

Quirks: He's twice normal size, has snapper jaws, picks on dogs 2 and 3 times his size, picks on cars 100 times his size, eats when he's nervous

Other info: We thought he was going to be a small to average size Boston Terrier when we got him. When he had doubled in size and weight 3 weeks later we started to re-think that. When he got hit by a car on Crystal's birthday 2002 all he ended up with were some scrapes (only one of which required stitches). Always has a scrape or a scratch somewhere on his body. Leaps 4 foot walls if he sees his sisters do it. World's largest "little dog" complex. He apparently thought he wasn't supposed to be a little dog - he just kept growing, trying to keep up with Meth and Suge. He gave up when he saw Toby, but he dominates Toby nonetheless. He swims, which is unusual for a Boston Terrier.