Named after: A song by the Kinks

When we got her: November 8, 2013

Birthdate (approximate): January 10, 2011

Passed away: September 1, 2023

Nicknames: Little Bear, Lolita (when she's good), Lola Monster (when she's not), Girlie, Piggy, Lil' Snorty

Weight: 22-25 lbs.

Quirks: She is Crystal's shadow; she's normal 95% of the time and crazy 5%; was born as "Catero's Israeli Princess"; she likes to stare

Other Info: She is always snuggling up next to Omar, stealing his warmth. She has giant front shoulders and looks as though she'd be quite tough if she was 10x bigger. As it is, she's a bowling ball on four legs. She's our first little dog and Crystal treats her accordingly.