Named after: A brindle Great Dane we saw on the day we picked up Toby

When we got him: August 7, 2005

Birthdate (approximate): March 6, 2005

Passed away: December 9, 2012

Nicknames: Brown Boy, Cabolina

Weight: 85-90 lbs.

Quirks: Everything about him is a quirk. His tail never stops wagging, he's both interested and afraid of everything, he's intrigued/fascinated with little kids, he likes to run laps around the Protea bed in the backyard

Other Info: Only one of our dogs that will routinely go lay down on another dogs' bed without any growling or problems. He got crate trained at the vet's office, since less than two weeks after getting him, we went to Hawaii for Crystal's birthday. When we got back, he was crate-trained. We got him tested for his pedigree, and he isn't primarily anything - full on mutt. He has Rottweiler in him (which presumably accounts for his giant head), has Pit Bull (presumably gave him the brindle), and has Vizsla (presumably gave him his boundless energy).