We set the alarm for 11, but got up well before then. We slowly but surely got packed and ready to head home. We backed up everything on the computer, and tried to split out drives and cards amongst our various bags in case anything was lost or stolen. We left a little after 11, leaving our bags at the hotel. There was a tiny market on the cross street closest to the hotel, but it wasn't as full as normal - it was evident by how spaced out the stalls were. Crystal got a Darth Vader espresso mug, because why not. Everything was still closed in the neighborhood. We weren't sure if it was because it was New Year's Day, because it was Sunday, or some combination. We did see on one McDonalds that it didn't normally open until 16:00 on Sundays, so perhaps that was it.

Since nothing was open, we decided to just try to re-live our long lunch from Cabana Las Lilas in 2008. It was sort of open, as the bar was open and they were setting up tables. We had a drink with Champagne and Maracuya that was very good; we think it was actually called the Cabana Las Lilas. We got seated outside, with misters constantly going off to keep things cool. Bread came automatically, served as a cover/table charge of sorts. For an appetizer, we shared Argentine sausage, Green salad, and Chimichurri ribs. For the main course, we split a giant ribeye as well as a Roast suckling pig confit. We also ordered a bottle of cab, as Crystal said she was "All Malbec'd out." Everything was really good, the only thing that didn't get eaten was one of the ribs. Not surprisingly, we were absolutely stuffed, but we knew we weren't eating any other decent meals until getting back to the US. For our entertainment, there was a kid (a son or grandson of people sitting near us) that was out on the walkway near the water, just in front of the restaurant, playing with swords and enacting some sort of play in his own mind.

We finished up around 15:00, and tried the city center one more time. Things were still closed in and around city center, so we just decided to head to airport early, figuring places there would at least be open, and there would be AC. All told, we didn't have the best luck in terms of weather and excursions in Buenos Aires. We may be back at some point (particularly if we go to El Calafate and El Chalten again), but we probably won't be spending too many days in the city again. Back at the hotel, we got our bags and ordered a taxi. We waited 15 minutes or so, then took a quick ride over to the airport (AEP, not EZE). The line was not too bad, once again. We ate in the same area as the day we (actually) flew to El Calafate, and sat by the window enjoying a drink or two. We looked out on the river, watching people hanging out, and also watched birds that were flying around the window. Again, Justin got a nice pour on the rum. After going through security, Crystal got some olive oil at the duty free shop. On the other side of security, we grabbed one more drink, trying to finish off our Argentine pesos. We ended up with only 35 pesos, so just a bit more than 2 bucks - pretty good all told.

On the plane, we had a row with 2 (but seemed like 5) crying kids behind us, and tried our best to sleep. Because of the giant lunch and all the drinks, we actually did manage to get some sleep from Buenos Aires to Santiago. In Santiago, even though we were just transferring, we had to go through security, and Crystal thought she'd lose her olive oil, but no. We got to the gate just as bording supposed to start, but it didn't actually start for another 15-20 minutes. They were checking bags on way from gate to the plane, and this time Crystal had to leave her olive oil. We were sure it was restocked at the duty free shop within the hour. Thiefs.

This plane flight we had the screaming kids in front of us rather than behind us. Crystal read, and Justin watched some movies - Jason Bourne, War Dogs, and Keanu (RIP George Michael). Crystal got a lot of sleep, Justin only about 3-4 hours. We landed at LAX at 6am, and there were tons of flights landing around the same time. We'd never seen the immigration area so full. There were long lines, but we still got through the Global Entry line fairly quickly, and were at the baggage carousel before our bags came off. We were in the car by 7:15, and since it was a holiday, home before 9am, with everything at home thankfully fine.

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