We got up at 6:23 - getting closer to actually needing our 6:30 alarm. Crystal's ear had been bugging her during the night, so she decided not to go diving today. It was sunny outside again. From breakfast, we realized that the breakfast options seem to alternate 1-2, 1-2 as it related to noodles, dumplings, potato options, etc. After breakfast, Crystal realized she was missing her sunglasses, unsure where she had left them the day before. Thankfully, Justin doesn't use his very much, so Crystal could use his. The cruise ship (MS Europa) was still out in front of the beach this morning, and they were dropping off some supplies while we were waiting at the pier waiting for the Sam's pick-up. Crystal stopped at the hotel's dive shop before the pick-up, and got some putty-style earplugs for her ear.

We were with some of the crewmembers from the Europa on our pickup. Jesse from Sam's was happy to have crewmembers for patrons for the day. For the day, rather than going back on the dive boat with Michelle, we were on a different dive boat with Manny (from Long Island) and Mickey (London), plus Nina again for two Chinese tourists. Quite the eclectic group. We sat on the front of the boat most of the way out there, headed back to the Ngemelis area again. Our first stop was at Dexter's wall, just SE of Blue Corner, kind of around the corner from Big Drop Off.

It was a nice wall, with lots of colorful coral, lots of turtles, and an occasional shark in the blue. Justin went through his air much more judiciously, and was actually in the last group to surface this time. Crystal went snorkeling, and saw lots of stuff (including turtles) near the surface, perhaps near where Justin finished his dive. We ate lunch very nearby, and therefore very early - much earlier than the previous couple days. Crystal and others went snorkeling right after lunch, before we left for the second dive. The area was "Virgin Blue Hole," which was very noticeable from the boat, but oddly not noticeable in any of our aerial shots from the day before. It is a big blue hole with over 100' depth, right in the middle of the coral.

The second dive at Blue Corner, which Dan (who we had met in Egypt last year) had told us about. The current is quite strong, so as we got right to the corner, we had to reef hook in - connecting a hook to dead coral, inflating our BCDs, and floating in place while watching everything swim around us. It was kind of a weird experience, as the current swirled around, moving you from side to side. There was an ungodly amount of fish right in front of the group. There was also a bunch of sharks, but actually less than "normal," as many said after dive. Other critters of note were a big Napolean wrasse that came close multiple times, a big Humpheaded parrotfish - with giant teeth - that also came close. After unhooking, the dive group swam a little south, and there were more sharks visible after swimming across the plateau. Overall, it was a very cool dive.

The ride back to Koror was nice, with no rain. We had a couple of drinks, including a round of mango daquiris, at Sam's upon return. Looking at the white board with the schedule for the next day, we were excited to see we were scheduled for Jellyfish Lake the next day. We were a bit concerned that if we weren't going to Jellyfish Lake - the main focus of our trip - until right at the end, if something went awry (bad weather, dead camera battery, etc.) we wouldn't have any opportunity to schedule a second trip. After getting back to the hotel, we got cleaned up, in what was now our regular practice. Crystal all sunburned from snorkeling, worse than before.

We finally got out to see the sunset. There's a little hut on the southwest edge of the lot up on a hill with a good view. We walked up there and snapped a couple photos, then headed back to the pool bar. We hung out with Chris - one of the bartenders - at the beach bar for awhile, just talking story. Between all the sun and the swimming, it's no surprise that it was yet another early night.