The flight to Guam was one of the most boring flights either of us could remember - no food, no entertainment, no scenery out the window. Unless you count blue - there was lots and lots of blue. Near the end of the flight, as the sun started to go down, there were some clouds and nice reflections of the sunset. It was too dark to see very well, but Guam was bigger than either of us expected. We landed a little before 7 local time on Sunday evening. Best we could tell, about 1/4 of the people on our flight were connecting to elsewhere, and 3/4 were traveling to Guam itself.

The terminal was one long hall, with gates on both sides. We didn't have that long a connection time, so we walked to our gate without stopping, but did see a Ramen place that looked good. At the gate, we figured we had time to at least get something to go, so Justin walked back to the Ramen place. He got there just as they were closing up shop for the night - they must have closed at 7. Oh well. So he got a bag of beef jerkey from the Captain Kid kiosk, and then went back to the gate, where boarding had already begun. They boarded the plane quite early, and we seemed to have left the gate early as well. By the time we took off, it was completely dark, and we could see the lights all over the island. There appeared to be one major city, but lights strewn all over the rest of the island, particularly the perimeter.

Ironically, our shortest flight, from Guam to Koror, was our only international leg, and the only one with a meal, which was just a tiny snack. So 14.5 hours into our flying journey, United finally fed us. Not that we were going to starve, but that's an awfully long time to be on a plane without a "free" meal. We've been spoiled by International carriers over the years, apparently. First World problems.


We landed in Koror a little after 9. The immigration wasn't too bad, the line wasn't much more than 5 minutes or so. We met a representative from our hotel, Palau Pacific Resort, and hopped in a van with a number of other guests headed for the hotel. The driver said it would take 25 minutes to get to the hotel. Crystal took note of the time when we left the hotel - 9:41. At 10:06, 25 minutes later exactly, we got to the hotel. Although there was a bunch of us in the van, there were only 2 people to check in all of us. Our room was theoretically an "Ocean Front" room, but it wasn't on the Ocean, rather it was above the pool bar. We checked out the room real quick, including the fancy Japanese toilet that we've seen in Japanese hotels before. Then we crashed in a heap.