Once again, we didn't really sleep in, but that was more because of how early we fell asleep last night. We weren't diving today, so we weren't in any big hurry to get cleaned up and ready. Around 8 we figured we should do something, so Crystal put in some conditioner and did her hair. While that was setting, Crystal read, and Justin updated the trip log and looked at photos from previous days. Sometime after 9, we went down to the bar to check on things. We asked Duane if it was open, and he said yes. He said he was getting ready, but we could order whatever we wanted. So we ordered a Margarita (Crystal) and a Ginger Jaguar (Justin). Duane was watching the Cleveland-Washington game on TV; a rerun from the night before. We leisurely drank our drinks, watched the game, and discussed health tips, such as Ginger-Honey in the morning, onion skin tea, etc. Duane let us fiddle with the bar's music, so we put on some stuff of our own. We asked what we should do today, and Duane recommended the Pickled Parrot and its owner Andrew, an expat from the US.

After a few drinks, we headed into town. It was very hot with no wind, but comfortable when a light breeze came through. We went to the Barefoot Bar for lunch, and ate at the lower bar (closer to the beach) again. We shared some bean dip, and we each got bacon cheeseburgers. After we finished eating, we hung around for a bit, then went to the Pickled Parrot. We asked for Andrew, but found out he was a patron, and Eugene was the owner. Eugene and Andrew were at a table with a few other people, and they were basically all expats. We sat at the bar, but struck up conversation with everyone at the table next to us, mostly Andrew and Eugene.

We talked about living in Belize, traveling to/from the United States, etc. Everyone we spoke to had nothing but good things to say about leaving the US, and nobody had any regrets or reservations. In addition to drinking, chatting, and occasionally watching some golf, we threw the toy for Ziggy (Eugene's three legged dog) and Mia (their girl dog). Everyone was enjoying a nice, lazy Friday afternoon. While golf was on today, Andrew said that during football season they were open on Sundays and would show football (Eugene is an Eagles fan). We kept ordering drinks, chatting, playing fetch, and the hours all slipped away. Suddenly it was dusk, and we figured we should grab some food. They suggested we go to Rick's Cafe, so we did. Justin got chicken pesto pasta and water, and Crystal got a Cubano and a glass of wine. We walked back from town, again without incident. We decided we'd had enough to drink - almost certainly true - so we skipped the bar and went straight our room. We crashed when we got back to the room, and figured we'd wake up without an alarm the next day.

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