We couldn't sleep in, as once more it got really sunny really early, despite our best efforts with the blinds the night before. We made sure to order breakfast earlier today, and also caught up on the trip log. After we finished breakfast, we put the food outside as recommended, only to notice that the local iguanas were chowing down on what we hadn't finished. As with the day before, around 8:30 we walked across the street. It was less crazy, and easier for us, today. So we just sat at a table outside and enjoyed the view. Nearby there was a dad telling his sun, in a very serious voice, that he could die if he didn't follow the directions. We appreciated his candor, but the delivery was a bit over the top in our mind. But then again, we don't know his kid. Today we were on a smaller, but faster boat. We were with two women friends, plus a guy who seemed to know the area very well. The crew was Dorrin (sp?), Eric, Rueben, and the captain.

As we went past some of the houses near the dive shop, a couple of people remarked that Paul Allen was here last week, with his submarine, a Ferrari, and other toys. The crew pointed out some other subs that we went past in the neighborhood. We had no idea that submarines were so "common." It was sunnier than the day before, as Justin would later find out. We admired all of the islands heading out towards Silk Caye, and we saw plenty of solar panels and wind turbines. We assume that batteries must be a big deal out here, as something needs to store the energy for times it isn't sunny or windy. We got out to the same tiny island as the day before, but avoided the ranger coming aboard, since we had all heard the spiel about the marine reserve already.

Our first stop was called "North wall." The crew told us it was a long way down on the side, i.e., thousands of feet. Under the water it looked a bit like a desert landscape, in terms of texture and the shape of coral. One of the first things we saw was a giant eel. We also saw some groupers and some snappers. We didn't see any whale sharks, sadly. Lunch was at the same place as the day before, and the tiny island was crazy again. It was hard to find any shade, and Justin's shirt was on the boat. There were still some boobies resting in the palm trees, and some small birds hanging out on some driftwood. Unlike the day before, there were no pelicans today.

After lunch we got back in the boat and went out to the second dive site, Turtle Canyons. On the dive we saw multiple lionfish, which we didn't realize until afterwards was an introduced invasive species. We also saw a giant loggerhead turtle, maybe 4-5 feet long. It was far and away the largest sea turtle we'd ever seen. Getting back onto the boat, as in the morning, was the hardest part of the dive. The water was sloshing around, and the boat was bouncing up and down. Once back on the boat, it was a short ride to the snorkel spot. Snorkeling was much better today. There was a good amount of people, but not as many as the day before. Moreover, there was lots more stuff to see. There were close to a dozen nurse sharks swimming around, plus several stingrays, and another loggerhead turtle, although not as big as the one we saw on our dive. This turtle got really close, though. It got so close in fact that it wouldn't fit in the camera frame at first.

On the ride back, Justin realized he was sunburned in weird spots on his left leg - he must have botched putting on the reef-safe lotion in the morning. We got back to the room a little before 3:30, much earlier than the day before. We got cleaned up, which again took Crystal a long time because of her knotted hair. We went down to the bar, and met Duane. Between DeShaun, Darren and Duane, Chabil Mar must hire only bartenders whose first names start with D. We chatted for awhile about bartending, and creating mixers for the bar. An hour or so in, some guests from Danville (in the Bay Area) came by and ordered a few drinks. They told us about the restaurant at the Turtle Inn and how they enjoyed the restaurant and also the hotel as well. They really liked the place because they were fans of Francis Ford Coppola, who "owns a winery in Napa." Justin casually mentioned "I think he also made a movie or two."

We saw Duane making a ginger mixer, one less sweet and more tart than what the bar previously had. It looked pretty tasty, so Justin requested a drink with two dark rums (2 parts each), the ginger mixer and fresh lime juice (1 part each), wish a dash of lemon lime soda on top. Duane and Darren both really liked it, and they decided to put it on the "specials" board for Friday as a "Ginger Jaguar." We made dinner reservations for Dawns at 7pm, and got on the shuttle bus at 7 with a full busload of other people. At Dawns, there weren't many tables, but some were empty, so likely we didn't need a reservation after all. Crystal got the "crack conch" and some butter garlic shrimp. Justin got some pork chops. Everything was very good. We assumed we'd take the 9pm shuttle back, but as were going through dinner we realized we could take the 8pm shuttle, as we were starting to get tired. We did manage to make the 8pm shuttle, and it was busy again. We tried to make it to 9pm before falling asleep. Justin failed, Crystal might have made it.

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