When we woke up, we looked out the window and saw that it was finally clear across the lake. So Justin jumped up, grabbed the cameras, and headed down to the waterline to get some pictures. When he was done with that, he came back to the room and we got packed and then ate breakfast. We checked to see if they had mimosas, and they did, but only by the bottle, and not by the glass. And their bottles were not the cheap stuff, so we passed and instead had some Anniversary margaritas. They were really good - we wondered if perhaps they just had better limes. We were expecting a different driver based on what we'd been told on Thursday, but it turns out it was Joel again, which was fine with us.

We had the same drive as Thursday, but clearer today. Today we decided to stop at the viewpoint at the top of the hill and take in the sweeping views across the lake. On the drive we passed the time looking out the windows at the multitude of volcanoes and listening to podcasts. Notably, Justin listened to one about Belize, and learned - to his surprise - that Belize's official language is English and not Spanish. Once again we took the backroads through Chimaltenango to avoid the traffic on the highway through there. We got to Guatemala City around noon. Joel asked if we wanted to eat in town or at the airport. When we found out there were a decent number of restaurants in the airport, we decided to just eat there. Joel dropped us off at the airport, and it wasn't that big inside, but it was confusing. There weren't any signs clearly pointing to our airline, and our flight didn't show up on the departure board either. After walking around a bit we found the desk for our airline, but it wasn't open yet, so we decided to grab lunch and just chill out until the desk opened. They had a Pollo Campero, which we'd heard about from several people, so we decided to eat there. It was good, and the batter was a bit sweet, but it was no Popeyes. We kept waiting for the airline desk to open, and it finally did around 2:30.

We checked in, dropped off our checked luggage, and then went through security. Once through, it was a tiny area, with lots of empty shops. We got a gift for our nephew Levi, and also got some Raptor "beer." [It turns out it was an energy drink, but was next to the beer in the fridge - oops.] The flight to Flores was easy, and we landed right before sunset. We got picked up in a large van, and the driver indicated that he'd had a long trip earlier in the day with a large group, which is why we had a 15 person van to ourselves. It was only a 3 minute drive to the pier, where we got picked up by people from the hotel (Bolontiku). We took a slow boat ride across Lago Peten Itza, right after the sun had set. The resort was nice, and it reminded us of several of the Southeast Asian resorts we've stayed in over the years, including the Banyan Tree resort in Bintan. In our room there were rose petals everywhere. We weren't sure if this was special for us because of our anniversary, or whether this was standard fare. We thought about asking, but then decided we'd just assume it was for us. We put on our nice clothes for dinner and headed for the restaurant.

It was quite windy at dinner, but since we were in the rainforest it wasn't particularly cool. About 5 minutes in there was a bright orange moonrise, which we couldn't recall having seen before. People started crowding around our table to look at the moon, so that was a bit odd. Also odd was that the waitresses didn't speak any English. Yes, we were in Guatemala, but this was the type of resort where the clientele was mostly from the USA and Europe, so it was surprising. Also, their accent was a little harder for us to comprehend, so ordering was difficult. We shared a bottle of wine. Justin got a black bean soup and a steak with black bean sauce. Crystal got some albondigas and a steak with a butter-based sauce. It was a nice dinner, but we were tired and so didn't stay out too long. Back at the room, we did some unpacking and got ready for the next day, then went to sleep.

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